The Dungeon Kitchen

7697116540_fda2d841d7_bIs your kitchen bland and boring? Does it feel like entering a dungeon or a hospital? By accessorizing your kitchen with colorful utensils, commercial ice machines, cookware or appliances you can change the way that your kitchen looks, and the way that you feel when you are working inside of it. Below are some accessorizing ideas for a few different common kitchen problems.

The Dungeon Kitchen
If your kitchen is too dark there are a number of different ways that you can accessorize to change up the look. If your cabinets are too dark you should install brightly colored appliances. Stainless or brushed steel are always a good investment and they reflect light, which means that the space will appear brighter and more open. White dishes and warm lighting are best friends in this kitchen, you want to keep everything simple, warm, and bright. If you do choose to go with colorful options make sure that they are warm colors like red, orange or yellow, rather than cold colors. These warm colors will make the space more inviting and less like a dungeon.

The Boring White Kitchen
Is your kitchen wearing white past labor day? No need to call the fashion police, here are some tips on how to update it. For a head-to-toe white kitchen you should consider applying pops of color. Many companies offer colorful appliances, and as long as you stick with a theme, such as shades of yellow, these colors can be very tasteful. Feel free to experiment with colors and textures on your dishes, just make sure that they don’t take away from the excitement of the meal you have created. Choose a brightly colored standing mixer, rather than a black or white one, and remember that even your cooking utensils can be used in the accessorizing of your kitchen.

The Colorful Kitchen
Blue cabinets? Red tile flooring? Is your kitchen simply too colorful? Try softening the color by choosing neutral appliances. 4590230547_8220c72ca2Stainless steel looks great against any background but these appliances reflect color, so you may want to consider black instead. White appliances have the appearance of being outdated, so in general you should stay away from these. White or black are the best options for dishes and cookware. If the color of your room is too dark you should choose white dishes as they offer the most contrast and draw your eyes to the food. If your color is too bright you can choose either white or black dishes depending on your personal preference, but black offers the most contrast. Don’t be afraid to push boundaries, while black dishes may sound strange and non-traditional, your lime green kitchen probably isn’t very traditional either.

Accessorizing your kitchen is the most inexpensive way to make it look the way you want, and it takes the least time to do. With so many exciting products on the market today you will have no difficulty finding the perfect look for your kitchen. Now get out there and start accessorizing!